Make the web more secure for you and your customers.

For eCommerce companies who host third party code on their websites, CDN Guard is an enterprise security solution that provides version control for externally hosted assets.

  • Third parties can create backdoors to your site
  • Use CDN Guard to monitor updates to third party code changes
  • Approve any updates before they go live
  • Protect your business and your customers

The CDN Guard exo-layer protects websites from security threats.

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CDN Guard hosts 3rd party files and constantly scans for updates. Anytime a file is changed your security or IT team has the opportunity to approve the update. Even if a problem is detected after an update goes live, CDN Guard empowers you to roll back to the earlier, secure, code.




  • <100K customers/month
  • US & EU optimized CDN

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  • 100K+ customers/month
  • US, EU, & Asia optimized CDN
  • Redundant cloud providers
  • Priority support

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  • 1M+ customers/month
  • Worldwide optimized CDN
  • Redundant cloud providers
  • Reporting / Audit logs
  • On-premise hosted solution
  • On-call 24/7 support

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